The rice factory

The rice factory

An old Italian saying goes: "rice starts out in water and ends in wine."
It is true: rice starts out in water and actually it is cultivated in the same way almost all over the world. However, not all the types of rice offered to consumers are equal.

How important the processing technique is in obtaining rice with certified high quality?

These are the questions we wish to answer. 

The rice factory
The production chain

The production chain

More than a century of experience

The Martinotti Family has been working in the rice sector for more than a century. Thanks to the developed experience and expertise, over time it has managed to become the leader as for the high quality of its rice.
The whole production process is continuously monitored, starting from the rice field, thus guaranteeing the extremely high quality standards that distinguish its products.
The Company boasts a production system with international quality certification, which includes advanced automated systems for rice processing and packing.

Organic farming

Certified quality – Full traceability

The demand of organic products is still increasing on all markets. 
Riseria Martinotti offers organic farming rice guaranteeing quality and complete safety as well as full traceability thanks to the certifications achieved.
Even in case of private label packaging, these advantages allow to improve the market profile of the brand, widening the market share. 

Our rules

  • - never use seeds from genetically modified plants (GMO)
  • - use only natural farming techniques
  • - never use herbicides, fungicides or other pesticides
  • - never use insecticides after harvest and during product processing and storage