Our brand - Martinotti

Riso Martinotti: our classics

A selection of the best rice varieties from the Po Valley, ideal for traditional risotto recipes as well as innovative recipes and creative combinations. Riso Martinotti includes Arborio, Carnaroli, Roma and Vialone Nano varieties, available in convenient 1kg stay-fresh vacuum-pack boxes. 

Arborio rice is the best-known variety both in Italy and abroad, it stays firm when cooked thanks to its large grains and its core with high starch content.

Carnaroli rice is the best risotto rice, especially appreciated in top-level cuisine for its firmness when cooked and high absorption capacity, thanks to its high amylose 

Roma rice has pearly grains and is ideal for soft risotto and creamed-rice recipes. Its typical feature is its exceptional capacity to absorb dressing and water and therefore greatly increase in volume during cooking.

Vialone Nano is widely defined a small, but great rice variety, as its grains are smaller than the better-known Arborio and Carnaroli, but it is no less suitable for excellent creamy risotto recipes thanks to its low stickiness and firmness when cooked. It is the main ingredient in a typical risotto recipe of the Verona and Mantua areas, the so-called risotto alla pilota (Miller’s risotto).