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Riso Toro

Riso Toro: new packaging for a traditional brand

This is the traditional Martinotti family brand.
In the post-WWI period, the Toro trademark was first printed on 100kg burlap bags by using crude rotary printing presses. 
Bags were then loaded on a truck and sold to the neighbouring areas.
Then, thanks to the development of production technology and marketing networks, Riso Toro was marketed in convenient 1kg cardboard packages and gradually sold everywhere in Italy.
Relying on its one hundred-year-long tradition, Riso Toro is now presented with a new look and a wider variety and format range, available in four different product lines: 

Traditional Italian Classics Line
Arborio, Carnaroli, Vialone Nano, Roma, Ribe, Originario, Dorissimo (parboiled). 
The finest Italian rice varieties - ideal ingredients for the most diverse recipes, from risotto to soup, from flan and timbale to rice salad - are available in 500g vacuum-packed boxes and cellophane MAP, 1kg vacuum-packed boxes and cello bags,  5kg cello bags.

Organic rice 
Baldo Bio and whole-grain Baldo Bio. Baldo is a superfine rice, rich in starch and suitable for any recipe as it stays firm when cooked. It is grown in certified farms in full compliance with organic farming principles. 

Wholegrain rice
Red, Black and Wild. Whole-grain rice varieties are highly nutritious and suitable to a wide range of recipes. Red rice is a perfect complement to fish sauces, Black rice is ideal for all-in-one vegetable dishes, Wild rice is excellent with cold salad dishes and minestrone soup. The whole product range is available in 1kg vacuum-packed boxes. 

Asian flavours
Sushi and Basmati. The main ingredient in sushi - the well-known Japanese recipe - comes from a selection of best Italian Originario rice. Basmati rice - typically used in tasty and spicy Indian cuisine - is perfect as a side dish for fish dishes. These rice varieties, typical ingredients in Asian cuisine, are available in 1kg vacuum-packed boxes. 

Ready Risotto range
Risotto with saffron, risotto with porcini mushrooms, and risotto with truffles. Made from risotto rice from the Riso Toro range and prime-quality, traditional Italian ingredients, they are three sophisticated and tasty specialities, in practical 250-gram packages, pre-mixed and ready to serve in 15 minutes.

Riso Toro